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Art Of Espresso Affiliates

We believe in building and nurturing relationships, old fashioned good service, doing good and feeling good.

That’s why we’re particular about who we partner with. It’s so important that our values and ethos match, that our relationship is mutually beneficial and that we know our hard earned dollars (thanks to your hard earned dollars), are doing some good in the world. 

Below are some of the affiliaties/partners we’re proud to be working with.

Bird Friendly

The program essentially is to protect migratory birds whilst also supporting natural shade canopy for coffee farms.

The seal of approval guarantees and preserves a natural tropical conservation providing critical habitats for migratory birds whilst also providing natural shade canopy for coffee trees in a 100% organic environment extending the lifespan of trees , soil protection, erosion control and a sustainable bird friendly habitat.

Swiss Water Decaf

This is a wholly chemical free decaffeination process whereby green coffee beans are soaked in hot water to dissolve the caffeine via a charcoal filter.

Caffeine is trapped whilst the natural sugars, oils and other natural coffee elements that provide flavour and aroma, pass through and stay in the water to create what is called Green Coffee Extract.

This method is the only 100% Chemical Free decaf process and organic.

Rainforest Alliance

The RFA green frog certification , essentially means that the product or ingredient with the logo , was produced by farmers and or businesses that work together to support and maintain ecosystem conservation , wildlife protection, fair work and pay conditions for workers whilst also maintaining an ethical and sustainable approach to agricultural practices

Child Fund Australia

CFA is an independent international body that works to reduce poverty for children in many parts of the world’s most disadvantaged communities whilst also helping educate children and providing support to families for as little as $1 per day!

AOE currently proudly sponsor 6 children in coffee growing countries

USDA Organic

The USDA organic certification is given to produce that has had no prohibited substances applied for a minimum 3 years prior to harvest.

Producers rely wholly on natural matter and sustainable farming techniques

HB4P is a 100% Art Of Espresso in-house independent local charity established by Adrian and Gabrielle Capra (founders of AOE) in 2015.

Under the banner AOE conduct various fundraising events and charitable causes.

These altruistic causes include Direct Trade Coffee origin trips, promote awareness and support for local fundraisers such as Mental Health Awareness programs such as RUOK? , Beyond Blue through coffee blends created especially for these causes and provide a platform for local artists and musicians.

HB4P also provides a direct approach towards using earth friendly products and organic coffees with a fully conscious sustainable approach.