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Hey there riff lovers and supporters of peace on this Mother Earth,

Thought I’d spin you some words before the Easter bunny gets a hold of you. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet but as you all know, that’s not my forte.

I’ll admit I’m still getting over Boxing Day let alone New Years, but to see Easter just around the corner makes me think life’s brake pads are a little worn and may need a tune. It seems full throttle is life’s normal speed these days. It doesn’t help either that I drink, roast and deal in caffeine as this only makes things go at double the speed. Having a glass (or two) of wine at night does help to maintain some balance in an existential sort of way.

I do find mindfulness and meditation great therapy when I find the time to read about it and even then I’m rushing through it because I’ve got five other books I “need” to read. You are now getting the feel?

In fact my Rock n Roll sister (my wife people…she’s the Rock, I’m the Roll) once sent me to this very groovy ashram to help me knock back the gears in life and I lasted all of one night… the reason being that I just couldn’t relax and stop, so I got back in the car next morning, bought us a bottle of wine and drove back home. The retreat by the way was meant to last three days! I lasted less than 24 hours!

We are so tuned to living life in the fast lane that we freak when confronted by a “Stop” sign. I know because my life’s lights are always on green! Amber and red just don’t interest me…or maybe I’m colour blind?

So I’ve decided to co-organise with a local Indian yoga and meditation practitioner to establish meditation sessions here at Art of Espresso… yes… here! LIVE at the electric church of beans, once a week after these next Easter school holidays! It may seem an oxymoron having meditation classes in a caffeine fuelled establishment but hey man, that’s just how I operate… If it’s real and it heals count me in! So if any of you cool cats feel the need to chill and just slow down a little to re-appreciate our beautiful and extra-ordinary life here on Mother Earth, you are more than welcome to join the AOE family once these sessions begin. I will be posting out a short notice to all who subscribe to this blog once dates and sessions are confirmed. The Espresso Bar will also be promoting it in house.

This is no hippy trip but a genuine opportunity to reconnect… with yourself. I found the more I’m able to help myself, the more of myself I have to give to others. Stay “tuned”…

Now on the Boogie side, let’s talk real riffs….

TIX $30 or 2 FOR $50

TIX NOW ON SALE…HURRY AS THIS GIG WILL SELL OUT FAST!! Espresso Sessions very proudly present LIVE, Australia’s true independent Rock chick… the one and only ADALITA!

I’ve had the amazing pleasure to experience Adalita live on many occasions. Adalita has been one of Australia’s most respected and influential artists for nearly two decades. You may have grown up with her music, watching it evolve from the freedom distortion drenched sounds of Magic Dirt in the early to late 90’s to the confident, poised rock’n’roll girl. You might be a new fan, just beginning to explore her amazing solo work released under her own name, dynamic and introspective. Adalita’s stark and heartfelt solo records have earned her an AIR Award for Best Independent Album.

Check out some tunes below from Adalita’s new album All Day Venus!

In 2013, Adalita’s second record “All Day Venus” blitzed the Oz music scene, landing her an Age/Music Victoria award just a month after its release. 2014 saw Adalita receive an ARIA award nomination for Best Female Artist which she won hands down at Art of Espresso! Adalita will be performing live at Art of Espresso’s Electric Church of Beans humble stage, 35 Main Street Young and tix are now available for only $30 or 2 for $50! That is an amazing price – which by the way, we at AOE don’t set the price for tickets, that is up to the artist and their fee… we just play host & have a whole lot of fun doing so.

This is truly a once in a lifetime experience to appreciate a raw, electric guitar based trio of Australian independent live music in an environment so close and intimate.

I am so incredibly excited to be even writing this as the calibre of music being showcased here at AOE is  blowing my happy little mind…

As the great John Lee Hooker wrote…

“one night I was layin down,
I heard mama and papa talkin’
I heard papa tell mama let that boy boogie-woogie
Cos it’s in him and it got to come out…
And I felt so good 
And I went on boogiein just the same….”
Boogie Chillen 1949

I’m feeling good people… how about you?

Sending you all lots of love, peace and boogie
Om Shanti

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