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Dance Man Blues

I’m lucky to be alive let alone hit the dance floor for a boogie.

Goodness, 6 schooners couldn’t even lube my hips to duck out for a ciggie in the old days when I thought smoking was cool!

Having just gone through a full leg bipass operation and on the slow road to recovery, I can say that I am keen to get back into the ‘swing’ so to speak.

First, I’d love to thank y’all for your kind messages and well wishes whilst I was recovering. It was overwhelming and I am humbly appreciative.

My spirits were kept high. In fact, I was constantly kept on a ‘high’ with the amount of drugs pumped into me. So it was positive all around I suppose!


Cancer Council Fundraiser

Amongst all the leg love, I was approached to participate in a local fundraiser for the cancer council. This fundraiser is:

Dancing with the Stars – Stars of Young.

Now, let me say this……..

I am as nimble as an elephant on crutches and supple as a slab of concrete. Yes, I exercise, do yoga etc BUT my suppleness has never been challenged in any way shape or form, in other words I am stiff as!

My beautiful wife aims to elasticise me by the time I get on stage. It’s hilarious watching me trying to Beyonce my groove out in front of my dance instructor wife and 2 dance daughters!

I am like a semi-trailer doing ballet! Elegant and loose!! Hahaha

BUT! Ladies and gentlemen, don’t be fooled by this, because I will give this a fair dinkum go even if it means having to marinate in WD40 for 6 weeks!

So, I will stick to my end of the bargain and get my mojo working for y’all, but in return I am asking for 1 BIG favour…….it’s simple! You will be given options.

I’m offering you all an opportunity to sponsor me, fund me, see me, hug me, laugh at me, tickle me…….whatever steams your veggies. As long as YOU are having fun.




I personally, together with my able and capable bari-STARS, will have the original AOE coffee cart, the iconic Kombi Van, turntable and records playing ‘LIVE’ for you on Thursday 16th May at Art of Espresso, 35 Main St, Young from 7am – 12 midday.

100% of the proceeds from coffee sales will go towards my initial fundraiser.

I hope to see most of you sweet folk at AOE on that day for some decent coffee, cool tunes and a BIG loving HUG. I do admit, I so miss your hugs!





Finally, we will be hosting our first ever gig for 2019, on Friday 31st May at the electric church of beans. The demand for gigs has been unbelievable and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the gig scene back into gear.

We will be having a Hillbilly Hoedown with the legendary Kristen Lee Morris and Josh Dufficy playing it, slaying it, riffing it, jamming it, all LIVE and LOUD with a dirty, bluesy, hillbilly night of swampy, greasy, riffed up tunes, with a subtle Credence twist.

All YOU gotta do is buy your tix here NOW

To add to the hillbilly flavour, we encourage you to please come dressed in your favourite flanny or check shirt. There will be random prizes throughout the night and may the best flanny win!

Let’s make it a night to remember, with cold beers, smoked American style pork ribs, good wine, great live music shared with the most beautiful people on the planet (and you know this can only happen at 35 Main St)

Tickets only $40 – includes American Style smoked rib plate. (vegetarian/vegan option please tick veg option at checkout) 100% profits of all ticket & alcohol sales will go towards this fundraiser.



Keep an eye on your inbox for the link to my everyday hero fund me page which is a cancer council fundraising initiative.

I fully understand if you are unable to attend any of the 2 fundraising events for whatever reasons, this is where I encourage you to donate to the cause via this link. Anything from $2 to $2000, I will not discriminate and will love you all just the same.


Big thanks and hugs,

the boogie man,


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