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Hey there sweet cats,

Been a little while since I’ve posted you all a little love letter. Hope you’ve missed me?

Seriously, it’s been a hectic tour schedule since my last post. From Mudgee Field Days, Arrowfield Stallion Parades in Scone, Kombi Festival in Oldbar, coffee appreciation nights in Canberra… not to mention roasting beans and smashing 10,000 KM on the tar in 6 weeks… man, the list goes on… and yes, it’s great to have my brother in vinyl rotation, Mario, back in the AOE double ristretto world.

Being in the driver’s seat without my wingman has been full on but I have to say my Bean Team, Gab, Caroline, Melissa, Brad, Luke, Kristy, Simon (DJ) & Kate sure kept me in line and honest (I love you all heaps, you know that).

A big thank you to my extended family as well, my wholesale clients, who kept me loved and hugged with their support and understanding while I had my foot at full throttle. Deepest thanks and respect to each of you. And to you all, the AOE daily caffeine disciples who make the daily pilgrimage to the “electric church of beans at 35 Main St”… big hugs.

Well I suppose I should write something without getting too lovey dovey, otherwise I’ll be sounding like an Acca Dacca riff on synthesiser… soft and pathetic.

Let’s talk something completely different for a change… music?

August saw Espresso Sessions host Harry Hookey. Man this dude just blew our place out.

Having scored his “Misdiagnosed” record, we were suitably impressed. Not surprisingly, the gig sold out due to your unconditional support and Harry, together with his brother Jack, responded by putting on an amazing acoustic show enjoyed by all. In fact the demand for his return was the true highlight to say the least!

Harry is now currently touring as the support for Kasey Chambers on her National new album tour! Thanks Harry and Jack for sharing your amazing talent with us all here at AOE.

We are stoked to say that Jack and another brother Sam Hookey, will be back in December as the support for Mia Dyson! Alright!!!

Still on a high, Espresso Sessions saw on Friday night September 5th, the triple Aria-Award winners, The Audreys, live! The Audreys was a real coup for us. As devoted fans, to score this true Australian music talent from Adelaide was like BOOM! The buzz and hype leading into this gig was enormous. Our new sound gear, stage and lights were just installed the night before and the feel on the night itself was nearly tangible. I’d never heard such noise and foot stomping for an encore like that night, it was awesome.

I have to say hanging out in the office with Tristan and Taasha was pretty cool. It wasn’t a typical office for me that night, that’s for bloody sure!

Very Rock’n’Roll but I liked it. The gig itself sold out within about an hour of its official announcement and the waiting list could’ve sold out the gig again the following night if availability allowed. The lucky 65 patrons who witnessed the gig were certainly not disappointed. T&T (Trist&Taash) put on an amazing show of old and new songs with a surprise support act, The Taudreys, which featured themselves as a send up on songs about ‘crying’, a nod to their new incredible album, ‘Till My Tears Roll Away’. T&T sold out of all their vinyls on the night and are still buzzing over that!

The hype and love should surely see these two beautiful souls return to Exile on 35 Main St. 

From Young, The Audreys then played at the Vanguard in Sydney then to Tennessee USA for The Americana Music Festival. We just feel totally and awesomely privileged to have been part of their journey.

I think the other surprise of the night apart from The Audreys amazing two and a half hour performance was the actual support act themselves, The Burley Griffin! These cool and funky cats, led by local lad Henry King, sure blew some minds out of the bar. They were so impressive, I recall have Tristan & Taasha, who were sitting by me whisper to me, “Man, these guys truly rock, thank you”. The irony was that Henry was actually the sound guy for The Audreys on their national tour when they played in Canberra. Having the boozy lads join The Audreys towards the end of the set on harmonies backing Taasha’s sweet vocals on “Love has a way of unravelling”, was a highlight very few of us will forget.

A massive and heartfelt thank you Tristan and Taasha and The Burley Griffin and to you, the supportive audience of Australian Indie music, for making Friday night the 5th Sept. 2014 another night to always remember.

Look, I hope I’ve still got your attention because amidst the purple haze, I managed to squeeze a trip to Mareeba, North QLD and hook up with another Aussie coffee farmer at the Skybury Plantation. I had the pleasure, together with my beautiful family, to finally meet Mark McLaughlin and I am truly excited to say that I’m actually writing about coffee for a change… hang on… sorry… I meant to say that I am truly excited to be roasting and presenting to you this beautiful Australian grown coffee as a celebration of our love for our land, our farmers, our culture and all things Australian.

This coffee will be released towards the end of October and go on sale in store and online and will feature as our special coffee for tasting right through till Christmas.

Yes, Christmas! Only so many weeks away. I’ll leave the countdown up to you cats.

So apart from the ‘Date Roasted’ on the packs of AOE coffee beans, the following ‘Dates’ are strongly recommended for your social summer and musical calendars.

We have a treat installed for you all music lovers, as if you already didn’t know… because on Monday 27th October, tix will be going on sale for another Oz music legend, Mia Dyson. The gig is on Friday night 5th December and tix will be $60pp.

The waiting list for Mia Dyson is already full so this literally means first in best dressed.

Only 60 tix are available for this intimate performance so be quick!! I will also be giving away a signed copy of Mia Dyson’s brand new record “Idyllwild” to a lucky gig lover on the night of the gig. Truly!

Re-familiarise yourself with her by checking out the latest on her website.

FRIDAY 5TH DECEMBER- MIA DYSON LIVE – Support: Jack & Sam Hookey

And on a final note brothers and sisters, may our beautiful world embrace peace, love and understanding.

As the great non-violent activist of our time, Gandhi said, “peace starts from within, so be the change you want to see”.


Om Shanti


Hey lovebirds,

Just as this bunch of flowers was about to go live to you via cyberspace I received a call from a beautiful friend Matty Witney from the Mama Kin band… how could you forget Mama Kin people!!!

Matty, who currently plays guitar in Mama Kin and has jammed with John Butler, joined forces with his partner to collaborate a unique piece called “Dried Spider and Nika” and will be embarking on an East Coast tour from now till Christmas after the current Mama Kin festival tour. Matty asked if he could kick it all off here at Art of Espresso!!!

His music and info can be found here.

I felt truly privileged to say the least that Matty had even offered to play for us here. So come and witness some truly Australian independent roots music before the radio gets a hold on these two talented artists!

So here now just for you… for ONLY $15 a ticket… yes, only $15 bucks!


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