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Human Beans for Peace

… our initiative for supporting growers and their families…

“A business without positive human relationships is a business with no soul! Respect, support and understanding is in my opinion the base to any healthy relationship. Without that foundation you essentially have nothing and in business it is no different”

Adrian Capra

Human Beans for Peace Ambassador

At Art of Espresso, we actually believe in a better way! The words “Respect” and “Peace” are often used around here. In fact, it is exactly that which has seen the business develop and keep connected to its roots and values.

In 2012, Adrian and Gabrielle together with the Art of Espresso family, dreamt and went on to establish the now Art of Espresso foundation, Human Beans For Peace (HB4P). An inhouse initiative based on essentially peace and respect on any level for any given cause. It is our personal and business philosophy.

A Non Commercial Stand

An example of this is choosing to not advertise commercially and saving that money to go towards sponsoring another child (Art of Espresso currently sponsor six children in coffee growing countries and sponsor a direct farm initiative in India), or saving to visit a plantation to further establish a “real” human relationship.

Adrian and Gabrielle with local school children at Thalanar Estate, Elephant Hills India. HB4P donates to this school directly and is helping to rebuild the facilities

Guatemala Origin Trip

Subsequently, we ultimately chose to work on relationships NOT contracts as such. We believe in positive relationships within our team, our customers, our coffee farmers, suppliers and especially ourselves as individuals, is paramount to our existence and that of our children.

To date, Adrian has gone onto establish and consolidate Direct Trade relations with farmers in Australia, India, Vanuatu, Colombia, Guatemala and Indonesia, whilst continuing to seek and maintain this all encompassing philosophy.

Thalanar Estate - Valparai, India

Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Byron Blue Coffee Estate, Nothern New South Wales.

“We felt a genuine obligation as coffee roasters to acknowledge and give credit and respect to the farmers who grow and supply the beautiful coffees we choose to roast. I believe in karma and the least possible way we could give thanks is by giving due recognition where it is truly deserved, again, at the roots.”

Adrian Capra

Human Beans for Peace Ambassador

Via our business philosophy of supporting coffee growers and their families socially, ethically and sustainably, HB4P is our way of reconnecting with our Mother Earth and each other as brothers and sisters in ways that are real and positive. 

This initiative is not a religion or some feel good trip. It is a very real positive movement by people who believe in the human condition of well being and of helping those a little less fortunate. Having visited third world countries and witnessing first hand the situations others live in, this initiative becomes personal and real.

Art of Espresso on behalf of HB4P and our family would like to thank the rainbow of cultures throughout this beautiful planet for their input and inspiration wether through agriculture, music or arts for enriching our lives and we thank you the discerning coffee connoisseur, for supporting us all via your continued support of Australian Independent coffee roasters.

We thank our Mother Earth for life and love and for providing a happy place to live, roast coffee and raise children.

You can follow the Art of Espresso Peace Movement and show your support by joining our mailing list so we can keep you posted on all that is good about coffee, life and the people who make it possible.

Please enjoy your next cup and BECOME A PEACE OF THE ACTION!

India Origin Trip