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It’s Raining and We’re Pouring

Hey……you look beautiful by the way!

Thought I’d share a little luurv cos that’s the main ingredient to life .It Rocks!! 

Winter this year was sensational with lotsa cosy fireside vinos, heaps and heaps of rain and a heap of stunning green countryside.

Totally beautiful….just like you reading this.

Winter also saw the music legends of the likes of Tim Rogers(You Am I), Bill Chambers, Ella Hooper and The Calamine Sisters, Abbe May and founder of Australian Punk and garage rock, the Godfather himself Mr Kim Salmon grace our humble stage at Exile on 35 Main St. AKA the Electric Church of Beans, to full houses all around.

The township of beautiful Young experienced a plethora of legendary Australian Indie live music keeping the rock n roll flame well lit during our bitterly wet and cold winter.

I cannot stress how humbled we are here at AOE HQ,  having these supremely coolest of cats ,make the trek to our happy keyhole..and what makes it so uber cool is that you funky cats dig it, support it, embrace it and keep the rock n roll fires stoked!

And STOKED is how we feel!!!

AND keeping it coming is the only way we can honestly say ‘Thank You’

To have folks travel from afar as Sydney, Canberra, Wagga, Bathurst, Bungendore, Tumut, Ulladulla, Orange, Junee, Braidwood and Greenethorpe just to ‘name drop ‘ a few exotic spots on the planet, and support this gig and riff love we share, is testament to our town.

Albeit,’The Exile on 35 Main St.’ legend continues to roll…..

No use stopping whilst the stone is rolling…

And whilst on a ‘rock’ and roll …I know what you’re thinking…’somebody stop him’….but I am on a roll here….I’m loving this by the way peeps…my brain speaks whilst my pen takes direction….an amazing feeling…truly!!…ok, enough with the verbosity ..and dots ,exclamation marks etc….

The following gig deets I can say are happening, confirmed and LIVE ON SALE NOW!!!!

Check this out!!!!! (sorry about the exclamation marks.. again….they steam my rock n roll shoes, know what I mean?)


Henry Wagons Gig: Sat 15th October.

Jeff Lang Gig: Fri 11th November.

Harry Hookey and Small Town Aliens Gig: Sat 3rd December.

This line up is seriously an insane way to welcome Spring and Summer.

Because I love you so much,I have decided to offer you all blog subscribers ALL 3 GIGS FOR AN INSANE PRICE OF JUST $100…YES 100 BUX!!!!! All 3!!

You ain’t gonna beat this ANYWHERE ON THIS PLANET!!


Henry Wagons. Well to be honest, Justin Townes Earle reckons Wagons is like ‘Dr.Suess meets Conway Twitty, strutting like a Tennessee Walking horse on PCP.’


I personally think this Jagger  jittery ,cat in the hat rubbery figure mixed with moments of smooth gait and sure footedness, is truly a coolest of cool cats that can only be experienced LIVE.

The raconteur singer-songwriter adds a little bouncy castle in the song writing carnival via his honest and open approach to his craft.

The Creedence meets Alt-country meets bar-room confessional, carries it all off its aplomb.

And the sunglasses don’t budge! (Rhythms Magazine)

I have had the absolute pleasure of witnessing a Wagons live gig on several occasions and to have the man himself come and perform for us all here is something special.

Henry Wagons is a true classic charmer with nimble fingers ,limber voice and stories of the big skies ,love found and lost and the open road.

A show not to be missed!

His recently released album recorded in Nashvile, “After What I Did Last Night”, captures this undeniable charm.

Tickets for this show which includes 2 surprising support acts and meal are $50 pp.

Doors 6.30pm with first support starting 7.30pm.

Henry Wagons Gig: Fri 5th August. $50pp
(includes light dinner & show)


To back this, on Friday night the 11th November, Espresso Sessions also proudly presents LIVE the Aria Award winning Australian singer-songwriter and ‘dirty string picking’ guitar and slide virtuoso legend…JEFF LANG!

This is an absolute honour of high regard for us funky little bogans here at Exile.

A leading performer in the Australian roots music scene, Jeff Lang incorporates a primarily blues, folk and definitive rock and roots style comparable to the likes of John Butler.

Ironically it is Jeff Lang who is the inspiration to John Butler claims JB himself!

And it shows.

Jeff has toured festivals worldwide including tours with such icons as Jeff Beck, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton.

Seriously folks I’m still pinching myself that this calibre of musical talent is to grace our platform on 35 Main St.

A strong live performer, Jeff Lang best describes his sound and style the following way …

“…reconditioned, rust removed ,freshly ventilated, instinct driven musical conversations between sleep-deprived cheaply clothed(mostly ),freshly shaven(partially), clean-living,flinty eyed gentleman wielding precision instruments with all due care and respect.”

I mean what more can I truly add to this apart from ….well I can’t!. Perfect..really!

The man is ripe with the rhythms of work, life ,dirty string picking and loving.

AND…….. we’ll be sharing the legend LIVE with you all on Friday 11th Nov at AOE!

Tix again at only $50 including meal with the fine support act of Mr James Cronin..our very own inspired Jeff Lang local legend.

Jeff Lang Gig: Fri 11th November. $50pp
(includes light dinner & show)

To finish off the gig calendar year, and what a year it’s been, I can officially announce to you now that on Saturday night December 3rd,due to unprecedented and popular demand ,the return of the one and only Harry Hookey and loudly and proudly supported by lil’ bro Jack Hookey’s band trio, Small Town Aliens.

I will stress that this is strictly an adults only affair as after last year’s gig, the place just went supremely off!

The joint jumped, bounced, climaxed and tore its way to the end of the year with a classic night of alt country, Acca Dacca infused,Creedence and Stones flavoured evening of sweat and wine induced mayhem which only those who were there can testify that this ticket will be a hottie!

Being the Cherry Festival weekend in Young will make this gig hot in every way.Harry and Jack know how to become one with the audience and let me say this ….Young is these boys absolute fave venue and these boys are Young’s fave secret.I will say no more!

Tix only $35 including light meal. Doors open 6:30pm, support act 7:30pm

I will say that I can’t wait to see ya’ll here and enjoying some charming, legendary, story telling, finger-picking, cheaply clothed ,partially clean living, wild at heart and insanely talented live music.’d be a SIN..not to be there.

Harry Hookey Gig: Sat 3rd December. $35pp
(includes light dinner & show)

To celebrate this I want to offer you all the opportunity to witness,enjoy and experience the lot for only $100!!

Henry Wagons,Jeff Lang and Harry Hookey! ONLY $100!


So after all this are you ok?

Can you feel it?

Are your rock n roll shoes steaming for some lovin’ and tunes?

I’m feelin it,let me tell ya!


It has become legend in the town of Young and beyond, the Blue Bus, Peace Bus, bean bus, Olivia Jean, JJ..whichever name you choose or give her, our beloved 1976 KOMBI is iconic not just in her 40 years of ongoing life, but also through her award winning KOMBI blend….a coffee blend now totally synonymous with AOE!

The chalk image in our bar is fast becoming one of the most photographed images in Young and is now displayed on t-shirts and soon to be announced and released KOMBI Blend personal his/hers organic soaps would you believe!!

The KOMBI is loved and she loves you.

Not only is she gorgeous, we have given her the due respects she deserves by making her feel right at home with a 1976 turntable installed so she can rock out with you all spinning love and tunes.

November and December AOE will be hosting a KOMBI Tour around the traps with dates TBA as soon as she feels like it.

She is rock n roll and we like it!

So stay tuned from Oldbar ,the South Coast , Riverina, Sydney, Canberra and wherever, the Happy Blue bus will see you in all her glory…and she and I can’t wait.


And finally after 6 amazingly quick years, our humble little happy keyhole espresso bar on 35 Main St., has been given a loving little trip to the beauty salon with a kind and subtle touch of fresh makeup.

A gorgeous new front counter now truly gives her a more ‘after eight’ polished look and proudly showing off this beauty on his arm is The King of espresso machines, The Slayer all the way and purpose built in Seattle US of A, backed with some new groovy lights and blue black coat of ceiling paint to give her that smooth sexy look that she knows she’s got!

Our little bar which has played host to some incredibly unforgettable gigs, smashed out some stunningly beautiful coffees ,gone on to win Australian coffee Champion and 2016 Gold medal at the prestigious  Sydney Royal Fine Foods awards ,has finally gotten the pampering and luurv she so truly deserves.

With the introduction of a ‘new’ menu (we actually have never had one)…including brekky and lunch with veggo and vegan options, the bar is heading into a whole new era.

I would love to take this small opportunity to thank painter Miss Alice, new cook and mama Dijana, Ainsley from The General Store by Chalk & Cheese in Young and brother Steve for their work, input and graceful overseeing eye and of course to Slayer Espresso Seattle USA for building and engineering the future and yet to be surpassed King of espresso machine science and technology.

And of course with my deepest of thanks and respects to you all kind and sweet folk, lovers, friends, caffeinds and lovers of vinyl, rock n roll, riffs, kombis, flannys, ink, double shots, chai, soy, Coopers beer, red wine, champagne, high heels, high life, big hair, black eyeliners, back seats, peace, hugs, live music, Creedence, JBT, White Stripes, big wheels and Art of Espresso short blacks….big hugs and lotsa love to ya’ll.

Om Shanti

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