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Latest Release & Goings On

Hey there beautiful people. Thought I’d let you all know that the ‘Sienna Reserve’ blend is now available on our online store. This cracker blend has become a bit of an ‘inhouse’ fave and it is not surprising as it has won several awards in recent years. Made up of specialty Grand Cru 100% Organic Arabica high grown beans including; Peru, Vanuatu, Sumatrans & Ethiopians, it really captures the spirit of coffee as a solid all rounder. A full strength coffee with hits of toffee, malts and dark chocolate is probably the best way to describe this stunning release for 2014. It will be available for the months of February and March until sold out and is available now online or instore at Art of Espresso – Enjoy it!

Also coming up in early March is the first of Art of Espresso ‘Latte Art’ courses. This course will run at 35 Main St, Young on Sat March 1st. As a special treat, I have lined up the 2013 winner of ‘Australia’s Favourite Barista Champion’, Joseph Capra, to facilitate the class alongside myself. It just so happens I am good mates with this dude and our relationship goes way back!! His Mum and Dad also happen to be my mum and dad which in reality makes us brothers – hence the same surname!!

Personals aside, Joe as I call him, has participated in many barista smackdowns and competitions and is renowned for his incredible and fun latte art presentations. Don’t be fooled by his quiet demeanour, a true gentleman he is, and I am a proud big brother to have him personally teach these sessions. Only 10 seats available per session so hop online and book now.

The love of family ties continues as my beautiful wife Gabrielle teams up with friend Sarah Clifton from Weddin Farms to bring you ‘The Breakfast Table’. These two strong & creative chicks have developed for the first time a ‘pop up’ breakfast and market in Grenfell featuring producers from around the region enabling small farmers and growers a platform to showcase their product. This sustainable community event will be held quarterly in line with the changing seasons. The first Breakfast table will be on Sunday March 30, 8am – 12pm at a location to be announced (hence the ? in their logo). The surprise location is the fun part and will be announced the week of the market, you will be kept up to date via Art of Espresso upcoming events and blog as well as ‘liking’ the facebook page: Begin the morning with an early open air yoga class and acknowledgement of our mother earth, then enjoy breakfast made from locally sourced ingredients, wander through market stalls offering a range of local produce and also catch live music performance by a local artist… If you enjoy your coffee, Art of Espresso will be there with the coffee cart and I am stoked as I will be back behind the machine… my meditation cushion people!

Finally a little reminder of our first (lots of firsts in this one) 2014 LIVE Espresso Sessions with Bill Chambers. Tickets $40 and only a handful left for Sat night FEBRUARY 8th. Don’t miss out on this awesome night of live and intimate music with a great Australian music icon.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Keep cool, be happy and may peace, love & laughter be your mantra and foremost in your life.

Om Shanti,


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