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Meet the Coffee Man

... Adrian Capra ...

Adrian Capra is able to combine all facets of the coffee industry through his wealth of knowledge and experience. Adrian is not only the master roaster but the barista, the trainer, the technician, logo designer and company director!

He was born with espresso in his blood through his Italian heritage and the help of “Nonna” who used to top his morning cereal with espresso coffee.

Adrian has spent many years in the industry and has the distinct advantage of knowing both the city and country coffee culture.

With this in mind he realised the opportunity for quality espresso coffee in the country and has combined his own unique talents to establish the Art of Espresso®. He has also helped to establish TAFE Coffee Schools in the Central West in order to change the way coffee is perceived in the country and to create an awareness of an industry that is rapidly growing in Australia.

Adrian is an extremely passionate coffee afficionado who is constantly seeking to absorb all there is to know about coffee. He has trained under some of the best in this country and has also spent time training and perfecting his skills in Italy.

His reputation in the industry is unsurpassed and he has featured in many national and regional media publications. He is also called upon to work his magical barista skills at some of Australia’s highest profile corporate events.

It is very rare to find someone with Adrian’s talent and knowledge in this industry. He realises the edge he has above most due to his involvement and passion with all aspects of the coffee culture. With this in mind, and no longer content to drink heavily manufactured coffee Adrian is now honing his skills to create some of the most exquisite coffee blends under the Art of Espresso® Coffee Company. These blends have since gone on to become medal winners in some of Australia’s most prestigious coffee competitions.

Adrian and Gabrielle Capra, owners and founders of Art of Espresso & Short Black Productions