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Caffe Royale


One of our leading blends consisting of 100% arabicas.


Elegance, finesse and intricate flavours

One of our leading blends consisting of 100% arabicas. This is ideal for "top end" use for those with a discerning palate. A blend with elegance and finesse, intricate flavours suggesting Colombian Sweetness, Ethiopian Chocolates and Indonesian Fruitiness.


Gold 2007 - Golden Bean - Class 1 Espresso

Bronze 2006 - Golden Bean
Bronze 2007 - Golden Bean
Bronze 2008 - Golden Bean
Bronze 2008 - Mudgee Fine Foods
Bronze 2009 - Sydney Royal Fine Foods - Plunger

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Coffee Type

Espresso Grind 200g, Espresso Grind 1kg, Whole Bean 200g, Whole Bean 1kg, Plunger Grind 200g, Plunger Grind 1kg, Turkish Grind 1kg, Turkish Grind 200g, Stovetop Grind 200g, Stovetop Grind 1kg


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