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Swiss Water Decaf


Our decaf comprises of a single origin Colombian, using only certified Swiss water process of decaffeination. The caffeine has been extracted naturally without compromising the coffee’s full aroma and taste.


Caffeine free with full aroma and taste

Swiss Water Chemical Free Decaf

Art of Espresso Blend

Our Decaf Espresso Blend is a full flavoured coffee AND caffeine free!
Dark roasted to enhance the rich velvety toasty tones of chocolate , spice and vanilla ,
the beans are all organic certified Swiss water Processed  and chemical free.
Enjoy with abandon!

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Coffee Type

Espresso Grind 200g, Espresso Grind 1kg, Whole Bean 200g, Whole Bean 1kg, Plunger Grind 200g, Plunger Grind 1kg, Turkish Grind 1kg, Turkish Grind 200g, Stovetop Grind 200g, Stovetop Grind 1kg


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