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Trio Pack: Chill Bill Trio


Chill Bill Trio 

200G Pack in Blues Blend, Caffe Grande & Elephant Hills (tasting notes below)

…For the Groover in Us All…


Chill Bill Trio

200G Pack in the Following Blends

This blend is the AOE 20-year commemorative blend. We've called it the Blues Blend. It is a nod to our AOE corporate colour blue and our love of the blues music. Simple really!
This blend is made up of high grown Arabica organic coffees, roasted to achieve a bluesy Memphis feel and flavour with hints of American tobacco, chocolates, and a subtle smokey coffee sweetness.
Very reminiscent of a solid rhythm blues band is the mold of R.L. Burnside or John Lee Hooker in a back alley Memphis bar.

Master Roaster Adrian draws on his Southern Italian heritage to create an intense, smooth blend typical of that region.
The "Caffe Grande" has the bittersweet characteristics of caramelised honey and rich velvety dark chocolate giving it a full body and persistent aftertaste.

A very sweet cup as a single origin estate, yet quite bold, with citrus and cardamon tones. Excellent espresso and persistent with milk. Med-Full strength.
Elephant Hills - Thalanar Estate - Valparai, India. Established in 1959, the plantation is located on the Anaimalai Ranges (meaning Elephant Hills in Tamil), and some of the original plants continue to bear fruit to this day. At between 1500-2000m above sea level, this high altitude plantation is a natural organic run farm with protected shade grown trees varying from Silver Oak, Mulberry and Jackfruit. Close to the streams, Cardamon crops are planted to also supplement revenue. On average, 80 tonnes of biowaste product is recycled annually back into the farm.

...For the Insatiable Spirit...

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