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Trio Pack: Wild Side Trio


Wild Side Trio 

200G Pack in Gypsy, Kombi and Side B Blends (tasting notes below)

…For the Insatiable Spirit…


Wild Side Trio 

200G Pack in the Following Blends

The Gypsy Blend came about as an acknowledgement to my life on the road and consistent irregularity of the business which defines AoE.
It is also an acknowledgement to the beautiful rainbow of cultures and people who combine to make the AOE community what it is today, from plant to cup. The Gypsy salutes you.

The Kombi Blend's focus is on delicate sweetness, cruisy acidity and distinct length on on the palate. Just like the Peace Bus this coffee keeps lingering at a consistent pace. A coffee that is bright and rich, with overall consistency, which drinks well with milk or as a straight-up espresso. Peppery chocolate base, malty and nutty overtones with a brown sugar and honeycomb sweetness.

Tasting Notes: This blend combines a Sumatran base with Ethiopian & El. Salvador arabicas to provide a toasty hazelnut profile with rich Indonesian fruit and sweet tobacco.
A unique and simple blend made up of Indian washed and Sumatran semi-washed organic arabica coffees.
Overall a perfect combination of mild spice and sweetness with a full bodied malty finish.

...For the Insatiable Spirit...

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