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Hey there rhythm cats,

How you feeling?

I will admit feeling a little hazed out, but that’s the aftermath I expect when you mix caffeine, a swig of beer, a dash of wine and rock n roll in a hot little room full of fuelled music lovers… and little sleep. Awesomeness ruled outright on Friday night, 1st May. In fact it was epic to say the least. Who needs sleep!!

The electric current that was present on the night still resonates here at 35 “Exile on” Main Street… I have never experienced a gig in my lifetime where an encore was not called for, because it simply was not required. That would have to be an artist’s ultimate compliment. You may think that’s weird but seriously for all those that experienced Adalita live last Friday night; they would have to agree that what they witnessed was truly a performance worthy of archiving into the classics of rock n roll.

Adalita pumped out two incredible sets of intense and sometimes emotional music bookended with a finish that left all in attendance gasping for air!! This is not an exaggeration!! We were privileged to have witnessed a performance that went well beyond what was even expected. The feedback I have had here has been unprecedented form emails, social media, messages, cards and letters not to mention hugs and the ubiquitous “when is she comin back…” I am so profoundly thankful to have been able to share such an awesome music experience with you all.

The highlights were many but I have to say Adalita singing Madonna’s Burning Up to Mario was classic. Poor Mario is still recovering in rehabilitation! Then to have our very own Mr. Tambourine Man, Hugh, jam out Blue Sky at the very end without missing a beat in amongst the commotion of Adalita’s massive finish, whilst bassist Matt Bailey casually observing from stage right without battering an eyelid and making Bill Wyman of The Stones look like some stressed out cat, did add to the whole authenticity of the show.

Not to mention as well having Adalita hang out together the next morning with my family over breakfast and nobody recognising her.

Oh and what about Adalita losing her phone the night before… that was a saga… man the stories keep coming… thank goodness for the Find My Phone app!!! Gabrielle and Adalita driving around Young at 2am to get her phone back…

I’m sure everybody who came to the show will have a story to share as Adalita was so accommodating to all post show and I can assure you all that she WILL BE BACK!!! Man I could go on and on. Just the riffs coming out from her SG Gibson guitar was enough to send chills and notes up your spine.

A massive thank you again to Adalita, Matt, Steve, (Adalita’s guitar roadie), Henry the Espresso Sessions resident sound man come barista and to YOU all for your faith and continued support. I cannot stress this enough, that without you cool cats who come out and support these gigs, the whole concept of the affectionately now known “Detours” Espresso Sessions would simply not happen or be possible.

While I am still feeling the love I want to take this opportunity to share with you our next “Detour” here at the electric church of beans.

Espresso Sessions proudly present


Liz Stringer and Lucie Thorne are two of Australia’s most impressive and respected songwriters. They are teaming up for the first time for a night of spectacular tunes here at Art of Espresso on Saturday 23rd May. Check the girls out by clicking on their names.

We are so excited to have these two chanteuses perform live for us. Described as “Australia’s PJ Harvey…possessing the punch of Cat Power and the wise words of Joni Mitchell” (Courier Mail), Lucie Thorne combines spacious, gritty rock n roll and startlingly original dark folk to deliver her “exquisite miniatures of distilled emotion”(Canberra Times).

Since the release of her first album “Soon” in 2006, Liz Stringer has carved out a reputation as formidable storyteller and performer. Her latest studio record, “Warm In The Darkness”, was shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize and named “Album of The Year” by Brian Wise of RRR FM Melbourne and my favourite Oz music mag Rhythms Magazine.

I have had the pleasure of seeing both these beautiful ladies live at the Blue Mountains Blues and Roots Festival and can promise you a captivating night of music from two artists renowned for their intimate and spellbinding live shows.

I am so looking forward to having both Liz and Lucie come and perform here and again look forward to seeing you all here to enjoy what promises to be another awesome night of live music.

May the stars shine bright for you, the moon smile upon you whilst you sleep and may our beautiful Mother Earth continue to nourish you. With deepest respect and gratitude to each and every one of you.

Om Shanti

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