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Short Black & Sides

Okay sweet peeps, you know I love ya, but what I am offering here is uber excellent!

I totally get my blogs play like a double or even a triple LP but this one’s a sweet & short A&B side 45rpm single.

I’m doin a deal for ya’all (Southern American accent required)…..the following words are from Ella herself. I loved it and had to share it with ya’all (loving the accent)

“Okay, here ’tis! Announcing the ‘CALAMINE SISTERS’ tour. Yahoooo! Gena Rose Bruce and I are comin at cha friends, extensively. 

We thought we’d team up to deliver you a unique run of shows, duo style, singing our own and each other’s new tunes together, harmonising, strumming our respective electric and acoustic guitars, basically keeping it tough, raw and pretty all at once. Me sangin from ‘Venom / New Magic’ and Gena from her crazy good ‘Mad Love’ EP. 

The tone of this show is born of Gee and my love of bad ass folk heroines, tales of loveless call girls, always going for the bad/mad boy, singing songs that make us feel at once uncomfortable and free.. Revelling in honesty, strength in being vulnerable. I love singing with Gee, translating all my ‪#‎newmagic new material into this format. (oh yeah, release date coming TOMORROW and you bet I’ll be selling it on this tour!)

With a twang and a pang we’ll be rolling into a small to medium bolt hole near you soon! 

Intimacy is expected and desired. Hope to see you there! Tix avail from all venues. Gettem now.”

Here is just a little sample of Ella Hooper performing live on Rockwiz last Saturday night:

Righto, now here’s a few funky words about Mr Kim Salmon, also gracing our stage here at AOE.

Remember that time when grunge broke out? It was Sydney in the early 1980’s…

Sydney?? 80″s you say? 

Yes music friends, the first ever recorded use of the word “Grunge” to describe music was coined by Kim Salmon to describe the sound of the song “Swampland” that he wrote with his band the Scientists. The sound would go on to become a seminal influence on countless bands including Nirvana, Mudhoney, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, White Stripes and Spacemen 3.

Not only was he a founding member of the Scientists he was also in the first incarnation of the Beasts of Boubon (with Tex Perkins), released albums as Kim Salmon and the Surrealists, Antenna and the Darling Downs (with Ron S. Peno of Died Pretty). Kim’s music and influence has shaped the sound of many a band not only in Australia but worldwide. Together with the Scientists they are selling out shows in Europe as we speak and will return to do solo shows for his recently released new Album “My Script”. Word has it that he is in fine form!

Kim has supported such bands as U2, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the Stooges, Television and performed at festivals such as Futurama, Pukklepop, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Big Day Out and Bluesfest.

He will be presenting in solo mode his take on blues, classic rock’n’roll and garage! A unique blend guaranteed to make the intimacy of the ‘Espresso Sessions’ vibrate a little more than usual!!

Here is a little introduction of Kim from Rockwiz:–Q

So as I fade out and the needle begs me to change the record to Side b, I’m going to throw a teaser your way with the following gig packs for you to ponder………. enjoy!

Here’s the offer…

Ella Hooper Gig: Fri 5th August. $50pp
(includes light dinner & show)


Kim Salmon Gig: Sat 3rd September $50pp
(includes light dinner & show)


Ultimate ‘DOUBLE DIP’ Gig pack: $90pp
(includes dinner & show to both gigs plus an exclusive Art of Espresso Stubby holder)


So the needle just placed itself on Side B & the grooves kick in.

The song is about a special trip made to Art of Espresso from my first serious overseas direct trade relationship.

Back in 2012, I made the trek to India to visit the Thalanar Coffee Estate in Valpari, India. What I experienced was life changing in more ways than I ever could have imagined.

I experienced a country ravaged by poverty, rich in culture and a nation proud of its heritage, beliefs & culture.

The relationship I established with Pathy & Uncle Ravi was beautiful and profound.

To have the owners visit Art of Espresso in Young made me feel both proud and privileged at the same time.

The Elephant Hills Coffee is a favourite of AoE customers Australia wide and a key ingredient in my Kombi & Side B blends, including as a stand alone Single Origin.

This visit only reinforced & highlighted the importance that we here at Art of Espresso, place on our philosophy that a business is only a success based on its soul.

That soul is the human spirit. Without soul, you have nothing. Without that human spirit a business is empty. Art of Espresso is now heading well towards a 20 year plus existence & I can honestly say that it is the many people whom I deal with every day, either through our bar, online, AOE Cafe customers and all the other funky cats I coexist with that make my very existence, ‘real & worthwhile’.

I salute you & acknowledge you unconditionally.

May the goodness of that human spirit serve our Mother Earth, our children and all that is good.

My continued thanks & respects to you all and may our Mother continue to shine her love on us all.

Om Shanti,

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