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Tim, Bill and Mexico

Hey there beautiful people.

Welcome to the chill & thrill of winter… it’s so cool! Pardon the pun! 

The pace here @ 35 Main St knows only one way & that’s the here & now. Plan B just doesn’t get a look in at this jumping little joint. When it’s on – it’s ON.

Hot off the Tim Rogers gig, our humble little space gets a massive rap in a national music mag, which to be honest is up there with a Gold medal win!

As a diehard, dedicated music fan, (as if you haven’t noticed that by now), this full page recognition of the ‘Espresso Sessions’ and the buzz it’s created, has to me been truly humbling & I am forever grateful for this wonderful exposure. I don’t see Art of Espresso as a music venue & I mean that sincerely, what I do see is a bunch of funky cats high on their love of caffeine & music, giving the sweet folk of our planet an opportunity to share this love with us.

To transform our bar into a venue, essentially the size of a worn out lounge area, and have the coolest music artists come and play, hang & exist with us happy people is just a treat beyond our wildest dreams.

Get Rythms

I’ve been an avid gospel reader of the word according to Rhythms since 2010. Way back then, I never ever imagined being featured in a music mag with Ben Harper on the cover! Let me tell you, this is the ultimate happy bogan moment for me! In fact, AOE is now a proud distributor of Rhythms magazine and is now always available for purchase in our bar. Talk about a buzz!

Alright, so now the amps are plugged in & the only thing that is beautiful is to be happy!

Did someone say Bill?

So here I am, at 2am and apparently fast asleep… My phone buzzes and here is a text. I freak out, thinking who the hell would send a message at this damn time of the morning. Obviously I read it.  It’s Mr Bill Chambers asking to get a gig at AOE! I mean seriously! Man that’s cool, but at 2am?? The next day I realise Bill is currently in Europe, touring his new album. Of course it’s only Rock n Roll, but I’ll admit – I do like it! I reply with the obvious Yes please Sir – let’s chat!

So, ladies and gentlemen, from my warm bed and half asleep, I begin to write (in my head) this blog. I tell Gab & the team next morning that “Hey man, Bill Chambers is keen for a gig at AOE next month”.

May I digress for just one paragraph…?

Rewind to winter 2012, it was around midnight and I was on my last batch of roasting beautiful beans. As I’m beginning to wind down, a couple walk in from the back area and say Hi. This couple and I connected immediately, chatting coffee (of course) and music (of course again!) As we get excited, I blurt out “man, I’d love nothing more than to do gigs in this bar, but I reckon it’s too small & who, seriously, would want to come?

We’d come” was the reply “I know a bloke called Bill Chambers, you know Kasey’s dad. He’d love to do a gig here”.

My response was a laid back “Seriously man, Bill Chambers is a legend! As if he would come to AOE! I roast coffee, I’m not a music venue, I suppose we could try”. (remember so laid back… NOT)

“I’ll get back to you dude. If you’re keen, I know Bill would love this place”

“OK, I’m in”

Well ladies & gentlemen, music lovers and sweet folk, apologies as I did state one paragraph! But hey don’t let a paragraph get in the way of a good yarn!

The rest as they say is History.

Bill Chambers DID commit to that gig back in June 2012. We sold 50 tix and all those present that night experienced & became part of the Espresso Sessions folklore. Kicking the night off with a Bob Dylan classic “Don’t think twice, it’s alright”. That song pretty much summed up our passion and love by not thinking twice cos it was so damn ALLRIGHT!

Well, I want to celebrate this by welcoming Mr Bill Chambers back to our humble stage. Bill will now also have ‘a stage, lights and sound’ to perform with.

Friday 24th June sees the return of the man that started it all for us here at AOE.

Tix only $25 (or $35 to include a meal with your ticket) and are available online by clicking on this link


Bill Chambers to me is the realness in rock n roll, folk & country. He acknowledges his contemporaries & influences in a way no other musician does. The ultimate gentleman, musician and human being.       I would love to see this gig go off like no other! We need to acknowledge this man because without him, we would not have enjoyed the likes of Mia Dyson, Abbe May, Tim Rogers, Adalita et al here.

I am an undisputed fan of Bill, his music and raw energy, storytelling and ability to become one with his audience.


And while I am on an octave high, the following gigs have also been locked in. So pencil these dates in whilst your little gig diary is hot.

  • Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi) – Friday 5th August
  • Kim Salmon (The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon, Darling Downs) – Saturday September 3
  • This Way North – Fri 30th September

All gig and ticket details to be announced soon.

And for a taste of Mexico…

You think I got it alright don’t you? Drink coffee, on the road, hang out with musos! Well you’re right – I do!

Please bear in mind, that this is not a job – it’s LOVE.

Love extends to family and philanthropy. I believe in Karma, black & white, up & down, left & right, yin & yang, vinyl & the artist. and in human beings & paths crossing for all the right reasons. I water these seeds daily.

In November last year, I had the pleasure of crossing paths in a random circumstance. Whilst at the Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Conference in Newcastle. This special soul was Melanie Mitchell. A tattoo artist, artist & willing philanthropist. Fascinated by my story of direct trade, Melanie felt the need to give back to the people she felt so connected with.

As it turned out Melanie had planned to follow this dream through. One month later, I received this email explaining how Melanie and her wife were funding a trip to her spiritual home, Mexico. Together with the help of sponsors to assist the Entre Amigos cause, a community centre in Mexico which assists and help children gain access to education and adults gain job and language skills which otherwise is not wholly and freely available in underprivileged parts of this country.

Human Beans 4 Peace, the AOE in house charity, non denominational, non discriminatory body, assisted in kind, as a sponsor to help Melanie visit her spiritual home and donate her time and skills to this special cause.

As a commitment to this beautiful couple, their passion and their amazing efforts to continue to help these people; AOE is releasing a very special micro-lot organic Mexican single origin coffee as a result of this collaboration & in doing so and more specifically celebrating the beautiful people of Mexico and its culture.

The farm is situated on the mountain range, Sierra Madre Chiapas with its coffee grown under heavy shade.

This coffee displays a delicate aroma & well balanced cup of slight spice, caramel sweetness with hints of natural cocoa.

The artwork for this label was made and designed by Melanie Mitchell. We are so proud to release this very limited edition of single origin estate Mexican coffee.

In fact, AOE, HB4P & Melanie Mitchell Art are currently finalising a limited edition run of enamel coffee mugs which will soon be available for sale with ALL proceeds going towards Entre Amigos Project.

It gives my family and I an incredible amount of pleasure to not only meet like minded souls, but also be given the opportunity to work with people so talented and so committed to causes so important in this beautiful planet we live in and call home.

The Mexican single origin coffee will be available online and in store only for the month of June until sold out. However the release of the mugs will be announced as soon as they become available.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate & to thank Melanie for allowing us to be a part of her dream.  The friendship we now have is real, just like the dream we discussed way back then.


“The ego can only be erased through happiness and gratitude” (the 14th Dalai Lama)

Om Shanti,

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