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Tim Rogers – 26 Oct

Hey sweeties,

Thought I’d drop a line for ya before I leave this gorgeous country of ours again.


The legendary Tim Rogers returns to grace the smallest stage on planet earth which proudly is owned by us humble earthlings here at 35 Main st…the electric church of beans.

I feel so privileged to have Tim come back and perform for y’all … it was his request this time so you must have left an impression on this legend of Australian Rock n Roll….and let me say , a full house is expected!

Tix are now on sale via this link with an option to purchase a meal.

The gig is on Friday 26th October and will sellout!

Tix are now available here @artofespresso


Coming also in mid November is a sweet sister of mine.. Skarlett Saramore and her band Particles.

May I kindly advise you that this lil’ gig is not for the faint hearted and certainly one fuelled with a higher octane edge. 

Put it this way,I suggest you plan to have ya selves a night out and get blistered with a good dose of high energy rock n roll with a beer chaser.cos ya gonna sweat!!

A gig of high volume energy with a good dose of love.

Deets to follow and pre sale to be announced in the coming weeks. 


By the time you get to read this mess of words and verbosity which seems to come so damn natural to me…apologies… I will be in the US of A adjusting my bogan flair and mixing it with some of the best in the coffee game with my American cousins. Late last year,Sean Edwards of Cafe Culture Magazine and founder of the Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition,visited us here at AOE with a guest from Guatemala.

Sean came to personally invite me to Co- Head judge in the 2018 North American Golden Bean Competition which will be held in mid September in Portaland Oregon. I was most pleasantly surprised and humbled by the invitation not to mention marinading in shock!

I have absolutely no idea what to expect but I can confidently say that I will be heading with eyes wide open and a keen sense to learn …. anything! I have always approached my life with the eyes of a student and this experience will be no different.

I will also visit the Slayer factory from which our coffee machine was built to order and meet the makers of this great piece of Espresso Machine Art. Once judging is complete we will head to Guatemala and visit the coffee farm from which our beautiful beans are grown and harvested.

I will be personally spending this invaluable week with Terra Negra head,Ana Christina, who also visited us here at AOE late last year.

The Guatemalan folk suffered some immense tragedy earlier this year when Volcano Fuego erupted in June , claiming over 200 lives and wiping out close to 3000 ha of coffee plantations.

We will be visiting ground zero and witness first hand the destruction caused by the volcano eruption.

This tragedy prompted us via our ‘Human Beans 4 Peace’ initiative, to start a fundraiser for our sisters and brothers in Guatemala.

The fundraiser was a Home Barista Workshop tour which I personally hosted together with 30 limited edition AOE Kombi prints.

Overall the we raised $1500 which my family and I will personally donate to the coffee farmers and their families via a small ceremony which our dear friend Ana Christina has kindly arranged. I would like to thank all those that contributed to this fundraiser via their kind contributions wether purchasing a print or attending the workshops and also the host businesses that collaborated with me to put these workshops together.

My deepest love and respect to you all from the garden of my heart.

I will also donate a limited edition Kombi print to Terra Negra Farms with the names of the sweet folk who purchased a print together with the names of the businesses that kindly donated towards this special relief as a token of acknowledgment for your love and support.

 Peace and good karma to you all.

The trip will also give my family and especially my 3 gorgeous baby goats (aka kids… my surname Capra..means goat… so I can get away with saying this) … you now see what I mean by verbosity… and not a beer in sight I might add! …… I digress….  this trip will give my family and I the opportunity to grow as human beings in humble character and a greater sense of appreciation of all we have here at home wether it be education,community,business,human relation or food on our table… we will return home no doubt with a deeper sense of respect and gratitude… because can I say.. we are truly blessed in this beautiful country of ours.

A few detours have been thrown in the mix as I couldn’t go past being in the United States without paying homage and respect to the birthplace of rock n roll,Sun Records in Memphis Tennessee,where Elvis first recorded back in 1954. This together with a few cheeky gigs in and around Nashville will no doubt give my Instagram page a good volume of shots which no doubt will be expected… let me say that I will happily not let you down.

I will miss you all but look forward to catching you either in the bar at AOE,at a gig or somewhere whereby we can connect live…either over a beer,a wine,a tequila and/or a loving hug.

Om Shanti


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