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Vikki Thorn – 12 March


2018 is shaping up from the outset as a big one for Live tunes at AOE.

I couldn’t personally think of a bigger and better way to kick start the year than with Vikki Thorn.

Can I just throw this little side in for y’all………

I have many personal fave musos just like no doubt you all have too.

I mean living in Young, I feel a soul needing respect to acknowledge Neil Young and of course the great riff bruiser, Malcolm Young which incidentally I might add that I casually changed my name too when still at school, to Malcolm, outta respect for this legend! True story …ask my brother… I lost a chick I tried to pick up when I was 15 cos she thought my name was Mal, until one day when my brother was with me and called me by my real name and that my friends closed the door shut on that potential teenage love affair! Just to let you know, I really had no chance with this little lady as I was punching big time plus she was too old..18!!!!

So back to fave musos , with all this insane talent I bath myself in daily, I do constantly get asked who is my one special talent that rocks my little boat?

Well let me say you might be surprised that it’s not Mal, Jimi, Dylan, Creedence, Keef etc….but a very special little lady from Albany, WA ( now Utah, USA).. her name is Vikki Simpson (now Thorn).

Vikki is best known as a founding member of The Waifs together with sister Donna.

The guys also rewarded us with a Waifs gig in Young last year which potentially changed the musical landscape for us little munchkins here at AOE. For those of you who are Waifs fans, you will recognise Vikki as the sweet sounding, harmonica smashing, harmony bleeding, story telling queen of folk n rock.



After 25 years of singing and touring as one third of “The Waifs”, Vikki Thorn found her own voice deep in the canyons of Utah.  Known for her powerful vocals and blues harp playing, she is a dynamic & passionate performer who has sung with Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, Paul Kelly, John Butler and Missy Higgins. Now with her feet on stone and hands in the dirt, her new collection of songs portrays the humour and heartbreak of life just south of Hell’s Backbone. It’s from this harsh and beautiful landscape that she draws her inspiration. It’s a long way from the fishing camps of Western Australia where she was raised and she sings about them too. Themes of movement, motherhood & motocross weave through country blues, slightly side stepping away from the folk format of The Waifs to indulge in her passion for old R&B. Her voice can swing and roll or radiate the intimate warmth of the mornings first cuppa inviting you to sit at the kitchen table while she sings about life in the wild places.

I feel beyond privileged to be announcing to you coolest of cool cats that Vikki, together with Ben Franz (The Waifs, The Stillsons) and Heath Cullen will be playing LIVE as a trio at AOE HQ ie Exile on 35 Main St, Young, Monday night 12th March. Tix for you guys are on sale now as blog subscribers as this gig WILL be a sellout!

Peace & Respect


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