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“Welcome to Art of Espresso where the fusion of coffee and music cultures are a lifestyle”

~ Adrian Capra



Have a listen!

Hey coffee lovers and welcome to our first ever Art of Espresso playlist which is now available on Spotify.
It’s an eclectic mix of daggy classics, tunes with soul and some random one off wonders made for fun easy listening.
It’s all good just like an Art of Espresso coffee should be.. best played LOUD!!
~ Adrian

There is a better way

At Art of Espresso we passionately believe there is a better way. Since our pioneering foray into coffee back in 1996, changing the way coffee was perceived in the bush became our mantra.

Today we dedicate commitment to organic direct farm trade with a firm belief towards ethical and sustainable business practices whilst focusing on our expertise, that being coffee, barista training and customer relationships. Relationships, not contracts, is the Art of Espresso way.

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Order from our range of freshly roasted, organise, direct trade coffees. Delivered to your door.


Perfect for those in the industry and the coffee connoisseur at home. Learn how to make the perfect cup.

Live Music

Art of Espresso regularly hosts some absolutely amazing live music acts. Live, up close and intimate.

Don’t Miss Out!

April 2022 classes available now!

A perfect gift for your coffee-loving friend!

Our story

Since its pioneering foray into coffee way back in 1996, with its mantra of “changing the way coffee is perceived in the bush”, Adrian & Gabrielle Capra (pictured right), founders of independent specialty coffee brand, Art of Espresso, continue a dedicated focus on direct trade with a firm belief towards ethical and sustainable business practices, whilst allowing the brand to focus on its expertise, that being the coffee, barista training and customer relations.

Direct Farm Trade 

Human Beans for Peace is our way of reconnecting with our Mother Earth and each other, in ways that are real and positive. Through our philosophy of supporting coffee growers and their families socially, ethically and sustainably, comes our award winning range of farm direct and single origin blends. 

Just damn Great Coffee

Over the years Art of Espresso coffee has received many awards for its unique blends… and we’re more than a little chuffed about that.

Check out our signature blends by clicking below.


the whole coffee vibe…

We truly love our coffee here at 35 Main St! We also luuurv our musicians, an unmistakeable fact!

Music plays a major part in the espresso bar with a firm nod to Australian independent roots music…just like the coffee really. This love transformed literally by introducing random live one-off gigs in the bar. It came to fruition one afternoon over an espresso, a home brew and some cracking tunes.


John Russell Storey

National Training Manager, Lavazza
“a few thousand people had the best coffee around from Art of Espresso®, Adrian and Gabrielle as always, was proof that passion, expertise and experience are the critical ingredient in excellent coffee.”

Australian Gourmet Traveller

“a first rate cup of coffee”

Siobhan Curran

Events Manager, Donna Hay Magazine
“thank you for all your help and assistance during this year’s masterclass – as usual a stellar performance.”

Judy Romano

Judy Romano Management, on behalf of Fly Emirates
“Adrian and Gabrielle are the most delightful couple I have ever worked with, nothing was ever a drama and the coffee was ‘Perfecto’.”

Michael Tate

Marketing & Publicity Coordinator, Palace Cinemas
“I am extremely impressed with the professional manner in which you conducted yourself – your assistance is cherished.”